Scandals & Pure Chaos

In the last few years it has increasingly felt like we are living through a parody. From Brexit and the merry-go-round of bumbling Prime Ministers to senile and impeached Presidents, we’re constantly questioning whether headlines are real or satire.

We’ve lived through ridiculous COVID rules flouted by those who made them, inflation, virtue-signalling, green-washing and attempted coups (to name but a few). If we’re going to suffer through this never-ending insanity we might as well try to have a laugh while doing so!

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The Artist

Meet Jez! He captured the organised chaos of our brainstorming sessions
and transformed them into the scenes you see today, often adding his own gems
of inspiration along the way. Jez is from Mexico and often reminds us that Mexican politicians could give both the UK and US a run for their money!

Scandals For Good

Scandalous Hunts began as a distraction while we lived through a family health nightmare. Josh’s father, Eugen, was diagnosed with a brain tumour in May 2022.

The months that followed were dark and humourless. We distracted ourselves by discussing the latest (and never-ending) political scandals. And just like that, Scandalous Hunts was born.

We’re donating all profits from Scandalous Hunts to our chosen charity Brain Tumour Research.

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